Bath & Dry

A dry or waterless shampoo is a great way to keep your dog fresh in between baths, and will make her coat smell terrific. The lavender, if you choose to use it, will also act as a natural flea repellent.


Styling means good looking of your dog it includes with washing and cuts, and the dogs are always in a great mood when we pick them up.

Full Grooming

All Full Service Grooming includes: A bath with choice of Green Dog Wash ShamPooch, towel and force-air dryer with no heating element, eye and ear cleaning/plucking, brush teeth, nail clipping/grinding, brush out, and specific haircut based upon your dog's breed standard.

Medical Bath

A therapeutic bath in which medication is dispersed in water, usually in the treatment of dermatological disorders. method The amount of medication and the amount and temperature of the water are specified in the order for the bath. ... Most medicated baths are prescribed as half-hour treatments.

Fun Activities

Visit a dog beach, hide toys or treats in the yard, chase your dog, play keep away with your dog, play fetch Stock up on toys together at your favorite pet-friendly store, Take your dog on a boat ride, Teach your dog a new trick, Play in a sprinkler, leaves or snow, Enjoy a stay at a pet-friendly hotel or bed and breakfast, Throw a puppy party.


Every healthy dog should visit the veterinarian at least once every year. If your dog is older, make that two visits per year. This will give your vet the chance to properly examine your dog and determine its health level.


vaccines: those that protect against the most common and most serious diseases.This vaccination also protects against hepatitis (adenovirus), leptospirosis, parvo and parainfluenza, this is known as the 5-way vaccine. Dogs should receive a vaccination against canine distemper at 6 to 8 weeks, 10 to 12 weeks and 14 to 16 weeks. A booster shot is provided at 12 months and every three years after.


Dog obedience is a lifelong training process, but you can train your puppy simple commands in a few days. There are five basic commands you should start training your puppy when he is at least eight weeks old: sit, down, stay, come, and leave it.

Pice Table

Package 1

  • Bath & Dry
  • Full Grooming
  • Medical Bath
  • Fun Activities


Package 2

  • Specila Food
  • Italy Food
  • Spice Food
  • China Food


Package 3

  • Specila Food
  • Italy Food
  • Spice Food
  • China Food